NetFlow2SQL Collector

NetFlow2SQL Collector 2.0.1045

This tool receives packets and stores their contents

NetFlow2SQL Collector is a tool for receiving NetFlow packets from Cisco and other routing devices and storing their contents into Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases.

The program runs in the background and listens for traffic data, recording it continously. NetFlow2SQL Collector can decode NetFlow v5 packets, access up to ten local or remote SQL servers, and create and drop SQL tables.

You can configure the NetFlow UDP port number, router IP address, MSSQL or MySQL server host name, SQL server TCP port number, SQL database name, SQL server user name, and SQL server password.

Each month, the program automatically creates a new table in the given database. You can use NetFlow2SQL Explorer to explorer the contents of NetFlow packets that are stored in MSSQL and MySQL databases by NetFlow2SQL Collector.

You can retrieve data by date, time, source, or IP address. This program is compatible with the following versions of Windows: Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

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NetFlow2SQL Collector


NetFlow2SQL Collector 2.0.1045

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